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ASTM F2413
This Item is ASTM F2413 (Formerly ANSI) Rated.
Steel Toe Cap
This Item Contains a Steel Toe Cap
Composite Toe Cap
This Item Contains a Composite Toe Cap
Aluminum/Alloy Toe Cap
This Item Contains an Aluminum/Alloy Toe Cap
Made from Aluminum, Titanium or a Combination of Lightweight Metals.
Slip Resistant
This Item Has a Slip-Resistant Sole
Static Dissipative Rated
This Item is Static Dissipative Rated
Electrical Hazard Rated
This Item is Electrical Hazard Rated
Conductive Rated
This Item is Conductive Rated
Water-Resistant Rated
This Item is Water-Resistant Rated
This Item is Insulated.
This Item is 100% Non-Metallic
Metatarsal Guard
This Item Contains a Metatarsal Guard
Puncture Resistant
This Item is Puncture Resistant
Available in Jumbo Sizes
This Item Is Made In Extra Large Sizes
Made in the USA
This Item is Made In The U.S.A. with Domestic and/or Globally Sourced Components
Built in USA
Built In The U.S.A.: This Item is Assembled In The U.S.A. with Globally Sourced Components
Made in Canada
This Item is Made In Canada