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Acid Resistant

Specially treated, durable rubber outsole that provides acid resistance.

adiPRENE® by Adidas Comfort Outsole

This proven performance technology, located deep inside the outsole, makes work style comfortable. adiPRENE® in the heel absorbs shock. adiPRENE® is an elastic material which responds to the cushioning needs of your moving foot.

Aegis Microbe Shield

Aegis Microbe Shield is a lining treatment that will help prevent bacteria and fungus growth.

Aerofome™ (AF)

LaCrosse's patent-pending AeroForm™ technology is a revolutionary construction that offers an extremely comfortable fit, with the ultimate in flexibility and durability all in a light weight form.

  1. Flexible and insulating neoprene core.
  2. The liquid rubber Armor Weld construction allows flexibility of the seam while providing reinforced exterior abrasion protection.
  3. A highly durable, flexible, and insulating polyurethane is injected into a mold around the neoprene, forming the lightweight outer shell.
  4. The rugged outsole is molded to the neoprene sock with a thick layer of polyurethane underfoot for comfort, cushion, and support.

Aeroglide 7™ (AG7)

Carolina's patented seven layer comfort system is considered to be the most comfortable in the market today. They feature a removable orthotic footbed with DRYZ, Vitalize™ orthobed, polycarbonate shank and a 220 plus abrasion AG7™ outsole for superior wear.

AeroGrip Outsole

The AeroGrip outsole earned a world class rating for friction and grip when tested under extreme conditions made with impact-absorbing rubber.

Agion AntiMicrobial Lining

Agion is an antimicrobial system that suppresses offensive odors, prevents the growth of fungus and provides continuous release of Agion for the life of the boot. It is environmentally friendly with no artificial ingredients.


The covering on the end of a shoelace, cord or drawstring to keep the material from fraying and to make lacing easier.

Air Cushion Midsole

The Air Cushion Midsole is the best of both worlds, the cushioning you need for all-day comfort and the control you need for support in all kinds of terrain. Engineered so that each step provides the compression necessary to absorb up to four times the body's weight, with the pronounced heel cup keeping the foot centered for greater stability.

AirCirc System (ACS)

On a selection of LaCrosse® footwear you will find the LaCrosse® AirCirc System. It is a multi-layered moisture management system that circulates air inside of the boot with each step to ensure comfort in any temperature.

  1. Flexible and insulating neoprene core.
  2. Perforated foam layer stimulates airflow keeping feet comfortable and dry.
  3. Mesh liner allows air to circulate against the skin.

Air-Flow Comfort Insert

The Air-Flow Comfort Insert system forces air through the footbed as you walk to keep your feet cool and dry.

Airport Friendly

A shoe that contains no metal of any sort, allowing the wearer to pass through security areas with metal detectors.

Alpha Construction (AC)

On a selection of LaCrosse® footwear you will find the LaCorsse® Alpha Construction it is a multi-layered design, providing uncompromising waterproof and scent free protection while allowing a snug fit on the foot with the flexibility needed to slip the boot on and off.

  1. All natural, handcrafted, waterproof and scent free rubber exterior.
  2. Flexible and insulating neoprene core.
  3. Internal lining for comfort against the skin.

Aluminum Alloy Safety Toe

Protective reinforcement which protects the foot from falling objects or compression. It is lightweight made from aluminum, titanium or a combination of lightweight metals.

Ankle-Fit (AF)

On a selection of LaCrosse® footwear you will find the LaCrosse® Ankle Fit design. It is a revolutionary design that keeps rubber boots from pulling loose by gripping the top of the foot and locking the heel in place.

  1. Unique boot last with a narrowed ankle design.
  2. Hand laid premium rubber is fit tight to the last ensuring heel lock.


ANSI, which stands for the "American National Standards Institute", provides dimensions, ratings, terminology and symbols, test methods, and performance and safety requirements for personnel products, systems and services in hundreds of industries.

Anti-Fatigue Technology

On a wide selection of TimberlandPRO® footwear you will find the TimberlandPRO® Anti-Fatigue Technology which absorbs shock with each step while returning energy back to the foot in key zones, providing more strength and stamina at work.


Antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains, odors and product deterioration. This built-in technology won't rub, wear or wash away.

Armor Weld (AW)

On a selection of the LaCrosse® footwear you will find the LaCrosse® Armor Weld it is a four Part seam-sealing process that provides the strongest, most durable and abrasion resistant bond in the industry, ensuring waterproof protection.

  1. Strong bonding adhesive adheres the fabric together.
  2. Locking blind stitch strengthens the initial bond.
  3. Weld tape reinforces the bond and protects against wear on the inside of the fabric.
  4. Liquid rubber allows flexibility of the seam while providing reinforced exterior abrasion protection.


American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), ASTM standard covers minimum requirements for the design, performance, testing, and classification of protective footwear. Footwear certified as meeting ASTM F2413-05 must meet the minimum requirements of Section 5.1 "Impact Resistant Footwear" and Section 5.2 "Compression Resistant Footwear." Additional sections have requirements of specialty shoes, such as metatarsal protection, conductive protection, electric shock protection, static dissipative protection, and protection against punctures. ASTM specification must be marked with the specific portion of the standard with which it complies. One shoe of each pair must be clearly and legibly marked (stitched in, stamped on, pressure sensitive label, etc.) on either the surface of the tongue, gusset, shaft, or quarter lining.

Athletic Soles

An athletic shoe includes a flexible sole, appropriate thread for the function, and ability to absorb impact. Made of a flexible compound featuring a combination of EVA or PU and rubber.

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Blood-Borne Pathogens

Blood-Borne Pathogens mean pathogenic microorganisms that are present in human blood and can cause disease in humans.

Brush Guard Kiltie

The brush guard kiltie prevents small objects (grass, leaves, small twigs, rocks, etc.) from getting into the footwear. A kiltie is usually a removable guard that laced into the shoe at the very bottom of the tongue over the instep or vamp of the shoe.

Brush Tuff (BT)

On a selection of LaCrosse® footwear you will find the LaCrosse® Brush Tuff it is an abrasion resistant material that protects against brush and briars, ensuring the durability of a LaCrosse® product.

  1. Abrasion resistant rubber shell.
  2. Abrasion resistant bidirectional weave to protect against brush and briars.
  3. Flexible and insulation neoprene core.

Buffalo Leather

Buffalo leather is offered on a selection of Golden Retriever's. It is the highest density premium buffalo leather. It is naturally water resistant with superior elasticity. This hide features rugged durability and strength as well as resistance to abrasion.

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Cambrelle® Vamp Lining

High quality lining material is so efficient at moisture management that it absorbs three-and-a-half times its own weight in moisture to keep the foot cooler, drier, and more comfortable. Cambrelle® also allows air to circulate and adds cushioning.


One tough sole. Carbo-Tec™ outsoles start with real rubber, which is one of the most durable, longest lasting materials in outsole construction. Next, Georgia Boot adds a rare blend of proprietary materials to make their Carbo-Tec soles chemical, oil and highly slip-resistant. The result is an extremely long wearing, non-marking outsole that is flexible and most importantly, comfortable.

Cement Construction

A method of shoe construction where the shoe's upper is cemented to the sole of the shoe to attach them. This method makes for a lighter more flexible shoe.


The piece of material stitched around the opening or rim of the shoe. The collar may sometimes be padded to add extra comfort.

Composite Toe

A toe cap made from a non-ferrous elastomeric material, which is light weight and will not conduct heat, cold or electricity. Composite toes meet or exceed the ASTM F2413 Standard for protective footwear.

Conductive Footwear

Conductive shoes protect against static electrical build-up, as opposed to SD shoes, which regulate electrical build-up. Conductive shoes are designed to be used in environments where there is a large accumulation of static electricity such as computer processor plants, explosive factories, etc.

Contoured Footbed

An insole usually made of memory foam that molds to the shape of the foot for extra comfort and support.


Coolmax® is a polyester fiber that, when used as a fabric, has superb wicking properties, moving unwanted body moisture away from the skin and speeding the cooling process by evaporation.


A cordovan is a kind of shoe leather made from split-horse hide.


Cordura® is a nylon fabric that is extremely resistant to abrasion and punctures, relatively lightweight and very durable.

Cosmo Moisture-Wicking Lining

Technical spacer meshes, microfibers, and technical nylon/polyester blends create a lining that is quick-drying, highly abrasion-resistant and keeps feet dry.


A piece of material forming the back of a shoe to give support and stiffen the material around the heel.

Crazy Horse Leather

Crazy horse leathers are made by applying special purpose waxes to a buffed grain surface.


CROSSTECH® liner is a waterproof, breathable and protects against blood-borne pathogens.


Refers to a shoe's ability to absorb foot strike forces usually utilizing inner and outer sole padding, also provides comfort and stability.

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Direct Attach Construction

The new direct-attach method fuses the sole to the fibers of the upper to produce a tough, watertight bond. Direct attachment was developed to subtract weight and improves flexibility without compromising durability. The only draw-back with this method of construction is that the footwear cannot later be resoled.

Direct Injection Construction

Direct injection involves rubber being injected into the outsole mold so that the leather upper adheres to the outsole as the rubber cools and hardens.

Dri Ice Vibram®

A specialized Vibram® Dri Ice compound in the outsole remains flexible even in extreme cold for superior traction.


A dual layered configuration composed of a moisture-absorbing hydrophilic nylon fiber and a moisture-resisting hydrophobic polyester layer knitted together.

Drill Vamp Lining

Drill is the type of material that is used in the vamp (area that covers the top of the foot) lining. It is a cotton type material that is used in basic footwear.


Sometimes called speed lacing, this is a setup of durable plastic lace guides shaped like the letter "D" that spread pressure evenly over your foot.

Dry Dawgs Waterproof/Breathable Membrane

On a selection of the Golden Retriever's you will find the Golden Retriever's Dry Dawgs which is a waterproof/breathable bootie membrane, along with premium waterproof leathers, providing the best in waterproof protection.

Dry-Core™ (DC)

On a selection of LaCrosse® footwear you will find the LaCrosse® Dry-Core™. It is a 100% waterproof protection and moisture management system consisting of:

  1. Fabric lining which allows water vapor to escape while providing 100% protection.
  2. Outer boot shell which provides additional waterproof protection.

DRYZ Technology

DRYZ® Technology is a unique system that uses advanced technology to absorb and gel moisture, kill odor, and fight odor-causing bacteria and fungi. Within hours of removing the footwear, DRYZ® is fresh and ready to begin the process all over again the next time you wear your boots.

Dual Density

Dual density is a term used to describe some midsoles and/or sole designs. With one of the layers being denser than the other. The denser layer provides stability and the softer layer provides the cushioning.

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Electrical Hazard Resistance

Electrical hazardsafety footwear provides workers a secondary source of protection from live circuits, wires or highly charged electrical equipment. The insulating properties of such footwear are measured under dry conditions and may deteriorate in a wet environment and with wear.

Electro Static Dissipating (ESD)

ESD – Footwear allows static electricity to be dissipated from the wearer's body into the walking surface to prevent static electricity build up. The shoes are used in areas where the generation of static electricity could harm electrical equipment, circuit board assembly, the manufacture of computer chips or paint application processes.

EVA Midsole

Is injected with billions of tiny bubbles in this ultra-lightweight midsole for optimal cushioning and it helps to improve the flexing action of the foot. EVA is an abbreviation for ethyl vinyl acetate.

Evercushion® MISS

On a selection of the PUMA® footwear you will find the PUMA® anatomically designed light-weight footbed with waffle structure. It is designed to keep you cool and dry by transmitting moisture away from the foot. The open cells also allow for rapid drying when the shoes are removed.

Ever-Guard™ Leather

This is a specially treated leather which provides additional abrasion resistance. Generally it is used on high wear areas such as the toe and or heel area of boots and shoes. Ever-Guard™ leather enhances the durability in rugged worksite conditions.

Expansion Fit Seam™

Expansion Fit Seam™ allows pull-on boots to ease on or easy off and allow a more comfortable fit.

Extra Wide Fit

Extra Wide Fit constructed with an extra wide last and outsole platform.


A small (usually round) hole through which aglets are threaded. They are often reinforced with a metal, plastic or rubber grommets.

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Fire-Resistant Vamp

The vamp is the area which covers the top of the foot. The Fire-Resistant vamp is a specially compounded rubber that meets the flame-resistance requirements of NFPA 5905.


Made with materials which are designed to resist burning and withstand heat.

Flexible Internal Metatarsal Guard™

The Flexible Internal Metatarsal Guard™ is combined with a standard safety toe. It is built into the lower tongue of the shoe or boot to provide additional protection against dangerous on-the-job accidents. It is usually made of a non-metalic material and is segmented to add flexibility.


An anatomically shaped flexible metatarsal guard with shock cushion permanently inserted inside the instep area of the shoe upper.

Foot Force® F2 Insole

F2 insole is a soft molded dual density polyurethane removable insole that cushions and cradles your foot, provides additional shock absorbing polyurethane at the ball and heel pads and a moisture absorbing fabric covering with a TPU Heel Stabilizer.

Foot Force® F2A Athletic Insole

F2A Athletic Insole is a soft molded dual density polyurethane removable insert that cushions and cradles your foot, provides additional shock absorbing polyurethane at the ball and heel pads and a moisture absorbing fabric covering.

Foot Force® F2x Insole

The Foot Force F2X extra thick cushion insole is 33% softer than most cushion insoles. Each is a soft molded dual density polyurethane removable insole that cushions and cradles your foot, and provides additional shock absorbing polyurethane under the entire foot along with a moisture absorbing fabric covering.


Another name for the inside of the shoe where the foot rests, also known as the insole.


The most genuine type of leather which has not been altered beyond removing hair. This type of leather retains all of the leather's natural texture and markings.

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A non-memory polymer gel insert that adds comfort by reducing heel strikes (pain in the heel of your foot) and adds value by eliminating the need for additional comfort inserts.


GEN-flex2/VGS TECHNOLOGY combines premium materials with an exclusive, net fit flexible welt construction for maximum comfort.

Golden Flex™ Comfort System

On a selection of Golden Retriever footwear you will find the Golden Retriever's Golden Flex™ comfort system. It is a removable Twin Gel PU cushion insole that's both anti-microbial and wicks away moisture. It is coupled with a naturally flexed TPU midsole that creates a safety zone from your foot to the ground. Designed and constructed to provide the ultimate in durability, flexibility and comfort.

Goodyear/Leather Welt

A traditional method of manufacturing, which provides a shoe that will give comfort, excellent shape retention, water resistance and repairable properties. Widely regarded as the best way of putting together the components in a premium quality leather shoe.

The essence of this construction is that the upper is shaped over the last and secured by sewing a strip of leather or "welt" to the upper and inner sole. The process is then completed by separately attaching a sole to the welt.

The more a Goodyear Welted shoe is worn, the more comfortable it becomes as the leather components gradually mold to the shape of the foot. And because the components are stitched rather than glued together, all the natural properties of the leather are retained, giving improved thermal insulation, durability, flexibility and shape retention, as well as the best possible breathing conditions for feet.

It is also possible to re-sole a pair of worn Goodyear Welted shoes or boots by stitching new soles to the existing welts, thereby increasing their life expectancy.

Gore (Twin Gore)

In footwear, a gore is an elastic gusset used to provide a snug fit. You'll find it primarily in slip-on styles.


Gore-Tex® footwear provides durable waterproof protection that is highly breathable in a variety of climate conditions.

It is a waterproof, windproof and breathable membrane designed to protect against the elements to keep you dry and comfortable.


An insert of extra fabric in a garment that allows greater freedom of movement. Gussets found within shoes are often made of elastic.

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Heat Resistant

Outsole offers heat resistance up to 300°C (for 572°F) for 60 seconds.

Heel Counter

The heel counter is usually a specially treated and hardened material shaped to the contour of the heel. It is placed between the inner lining and the outer leather to help maintain the shape of the heel of a boot or shoe. The counter also helps maintain rigidity and minimizes potential folding or buckling as you put on a shoe or boot.

Helcor® Leather

Helcor-Leder-Tec's is the brand name for a carbon or ceramic coating added to leather during the tanning process. This coating makes the leather puncture resistant, tear resistant and helps reduce abrasion scuffs.


Boot lace hooks are hooks that are on work boots that help keep the laces from falling down and keep them tight. They are typically made of metal. Some of the metals used to make them are brass and steel.


On a selection of the Rockport footwear you will find the Rockport Works Hydro-Shield™. It is a waterproof breathable technology that protects your feet from harsh weather without sacrificing comfort. In addition to waterproof leather it consists of seam sealing and a waterproof insole board to help prevent the penetration of water. For industrial applications, Hydro-Shield™ protection is guaranteed as Water Resistant protection.

Hyterlink® Flex Technology

Hyper Tension Release Link is Road Mate's® patented Hyterlink® Flex Technology utilizing an injected insole with built in inner welt and energy transfer bridging. This technology is proven to provide extreme flexibility, stability, and comfort.

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Ice Shield (IS)

LaCrosse offers a selection of footwear with (patent pending) Ice Shield technology. It is an innovative process that fuses together two layers to provide waterproof protection, insulation and abrasion resistance in a lightweight form.

  1. Compressed insulation foam.
  2. Abrasion resistant shell.
  3. Compressed foam and abrasion resistant shell are co-molded creating a waterproof lock.


A breakthrough in metatarsal protection, I-MET® is exclusively offered on a selection of Thorogood® metatarsal footwear. Thorogood® features the only Internal Metatarsal Guard that's completely integrated with the steel toe cap. MetaGuard Permanently "locks" the metatarsal into place eliminating the potential "trip hazard". It is invisible from the outside.

Injection Molded Construction

A type of sole unit construction created by injecting melted PVC or similar material into the sole mold.

Injection Molded EVA

The process of injecting ethylene vinyl acetate foam into molds to make the outsole more uniform and durable. However, the process is difficult to control as EVA continues to expand after the injecting process.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is a method of manufacturing and shaping an outsole unit. For example, using PVC or other thermoplastic material, it is first placed in the heated barrel of an injection molding machine. It is then injected under pressure into the mold cavity. An injection molded sole is flexible, waterproof, long-wearing and has excellent adhesion.


A lining that adds comfort and arch support while separating the foot from the sole of the shoe.


Insulated construction features several layers of 200 gram Thinsulate™ Ultra brand insulation to trap warm air between the layers, keeping your feet warm all day long. In cold, outdoor working conditions or in a refrigerated warehouse environment.


Originally developed for military clothing and designed to combat chemical agents, ion-Mask™ protection technology by p2i works at the molecular level to repel liquids, resist blood borne pathogens, and allow perspiration to escape. Magnum® uses ion-mask™ because it works.


On a selection of PUMA® footwear they offer the PUMA® gel pad. The heels of your feet will step on IQ.Cell technology. This gel pad is directly embedded right into the heel. It is a mini-trampoline that absorbs shock and returns the energy to your feet immediately. You will literally bounce back from every footfall.

i-Technology® Construction

i-Technology® combines the durability of a Goodyear Welt with an athletic cup heel for athletic shoe comfort.


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A waterproof, breathable membrane that lets vapor out without letting water in. Water attacks and KEEN.DRY plays defense. Perspiration and moisture naturally produced by your body are able to escape, so you don't end up with soggy socks, while at the same time keeping the wet out and keeping your feet dry.


Kevlar® is best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body armor, but has many other applications. Kevlar® is extraordinarily strong, with five times the strength of steel on an equal-weight basis while remaining lightweight, flexible and comfortable.

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Georgia Boot offers a selection of footwear that has the Lace-Locking top hooks.This technology allows you to speedily secure your laces and the lace-up design itself allows you to adjust the fit to your liking.


The wooden form around which a shoe is fashioned. The last represents the shape and size of the intended wearer's foot.

Lenzi Board Puncture-Resistant Sole Plate

This lightweight, flexible puncture-resistant sole plate reduces the threat of dangers underfoot.

Logger Sole

Higher density rubber compound ensures long wearing performance along with resistance to oil and heat.


Lug soled shoes incorporate soles that have heavy three dimensional tread patterns for better traction.

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Maxum Lite™ Outsole

A unique rubber-like micro cellular Polyurethane combining the slip resistant properties of rubber into a lightweight, long wearing single density outsole.

Medial Post

A medial post is a device within the midsole that is firmer than the rest of the midsole. Medial posts are usually made of EVA which is denser than the rest of the midsole. This is known as a dual density midsole.


MeraMAX® outsoles are lightweight, long-wearing, slip resistant, flexible, shock absorbing, energy returning, comfortable, heat and flame resistant, oil/solvent resistant and hydrolytically stable.

Merino Wool

Widely regarded as the finest and softest sheep's wool in the world, merino wool is highly praised for its natural moisture-wicking performance, superior breathability, exceptional warmth-to-weight ratio and resistance to odor.

Mesh Upper

A blend of synthetic materials like mesh to reduce weight and increase breathability.

Metatomical Footbed

An internal support system anatomically engineered to provide excellent arch support and cradle the natural contours of the foot, letting you stand, walk and work on your feet in comfort.

Metatarsal Bone

Five long bones in the foot that help move the body forward when walking or running. They form the top slope of the foot, from the instep to the toes.

Metguard/Metatarsal Guard

Metatarsal safety shoes protect the upper foot (metatarsal bones) and toe area from hazards.


The layer of material located under the insole but over the outsole providing the shoe's main support and cushioning components.

Moc Toe

A type of toe design with a seam and stitching details, originally seen in moccasins.

Multi-Terrain Pro Hiker Outsole

A slip, oil & abrasion resistant rubber outsole with aggressive directional lugs to maximize surface contact for enhanced traction.

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A synthetic rubber product that offers better protection from certain chemicals, such as dioxin, than other rubber or rubber-like materials.

No Exposed Metal

"No Exposed Metal" shoes are designed so no exposed component of the shoe will scratch or mark any working surfaces offering less risk of damage.

Non-Safety Work Boots

Boots or shoes that are designed specifically for light industrial work that does not require steel safety caps over the toe box area.

NRLY Outsole System

Golden Retriever's Proprietary unit outsole. This triple layered outsole features a polyurethane midsole, a full foot TPU stabilizer and a low profile rubber lug sole. Designed with a higher level of slip resistance to exceed the Mark II oil/wet test [0.45].


Nubuck is a full-grain leather that has been slightly brushed on the surface to create a very fine velvet-like feel and appearance.

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Oil-Tanned Nubuck

Oil-tanned nubuck is leather that has been tanned with an oil process to create a mottled, distressed appearance. Most oil-tanned nubuck leathers have minor surface imperfections or finish variations for a casual style appearance.

Opanka Construction

Opanka construction is a hand-sewn method of construction. Opanka construction involves attaching the upper, sole and sock lining together using heavy thread. Opanka construction is highly durable and extremely flexible.


Used in the insole of boots and shoes. Ortholite® is made from open-cell foam with spring-back technology. It allows air to circulate around the foot, it is also lightweight, breathable, anti-microbial and engineered to retain 95% of its thickness over time.


The bottom of part of the shoe that is in constant contact with the ground.


A traditional term describing a low cut shoe laced or tied over the instep.

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Penny Loafer

A slip-on style shoe with a slit over the instep where a penny traditionally was placed for good luck.

Pillow Cushion™

Pillow cushion™, A thick layer of memory foam that wraps the foot in comfort. Combined with existing insole systems, it offers the ultimate in cushioned comfort.


A synthetic material frequently used as an alternative to leather in the manufacturing of footwear, PU is light, flexible and durable.

Polyurethane Outsole

Polyurethane is a polymer used in the manufacture of soles, foam lining, heels, top pieces, promeric uppers and adhesives. Polyurethane is lightweight yet rugged, polyurethane outsoles provide exceptional cushioning along with slip, oil and abrasion resistance.


Poron® Permafresh, performance urethanes offer superior comfort and performance for the life of the boots. The open-cell breathable materials wick away moisture and keep the foot cool. They also offer excellent resistance to compression, outstanding shock absorption, and long–lasting lightweight cushioning. Plus, anti-microbial and bacterial protection stops growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Poron® XRD Met Guard

On a selection of John Deere footwear, they offer the Poron® XRD Met Guard. It is a material that has been tested to absorb up to 90% of the energy from impact, surpassing performance of current impact absorbing materials in various applications.


The PowerFit™ comfort system uses a combination of ergonomically designed elements at key zones to supply movement and provide critical support-delivering maximum comfort all day long.

Permafresh® Footprint

Permafresh® footprint is a shock absorbing cushion insole with anti-bacterial protection.


Porelle® is a microporous, windproof and waterproof breathable membrane used with woven fabrics and footwear.

Pull Tab

A small piece or strip of upper material that is fixed to the upper of the shoe. This tab can be either a style feature, or for the purpose of helping to pull on the shoe.


The method of construction placing a metallic material between the outsole and insole of a shoe or boot. This design feature helps reduce the possibility of puncture wounds to the soles of the feet from objects such as nails, glass or sharp metal that could penetrate the soles of the footwear.

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Quad Comfort® (QC)

LaCrosse® Quad Comfort® is offered on a selection of their footwear. It is a layered platform system that provides the best in comfort, stability and durability.

  1. Rugged lightweight oil and slip resistant outsole.
  2. Durable dual-density polyurethane midsole.
  3. Pressure point foam cushioning layer.
  4. Stabilizing built-in nylon shank.
  5. Sock absorbent EVA foam layer.
  6. Cushioning dual-density EVA footbed.

Quad Core™ (QC)

LaCrosse® Quad Core™ is offered on a selection of LaCrosse® footwear. It is a layered platform system that provides the best in comfort, stability and durability.

  1. Rugged, lightweight outsole.
  2. Cushioning and supportive midsole.
  3. Pressure point cushioning for impact resistance.
  4. Stabilizing shank for maximum boot stability.
  5. Shock absorbing layer for underfoot cushioning.
  6. Cushioning footbed.

Quad Impact (QI)

LaCrosse® offers the LaCrosse® Quad Impact on a selection of its footwear. It is a multi-layered system that provides the comfort and maneuverability of:

  1. Rugged lightweight oil and slip resistant outsole.
  2. EVA foam impact zones.
  3. Stabilizing floating shank.
  4. Durable EVA midsole.
  5. Shock absorbent EVA foam layer.
  6. Cushioning dual-density EVA footbed.


The rear portion of a shoe comprising of the part of the shoe/boot that covers the heel and is often joined at the back-seam.

Quarter Lining

The soft, inner lining of the rear part of a shoe, typically made from leather or fabric to insulate or cool your feet.

Quick-Access Side Zipper

Ouick-Access offers the convenience of a slip-on shoe in a 6" – 8" military boot. In/out; 5 seconds per boot! Does not bind up in sand.

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Reinforcement Tape

Reinforcement tape is used for strengthening lines and points of weakness, particularly straps and top lines in footwear. Most reinforcement tapes are made of nylon or other non-stretchable fabric.

ROCKY® Waterproof

A Selection of ROCY® footwear that offers the ROCKY® waterproof construction system. It is a system that fuses a waterproof inner layer to the shoe upper providing a barrier that keeps water out. The waterproofing lines the entire boot, ensuring complete protection.

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SafeGrip™ Sole

SafeGrip™ soles offer lightweight, superior slip resistance combined with shock absorbtion.

Safety Glasses

Protective eyeglasses with metal or plastic frames and impact-resistant lenses that may or may not offer vision correction.

Safety Shoe

A shoe or boot accentuated by protective designs such as heat-resistant soles, metal insoles and steel-toe/composite toe reinforcement as well as waterproof and oil-resistant materials made specifically for wear in an industrial setting.

San Crispino Construction

A type of stitch-down footwear construction technique where upper material is flared outward and wrapped around and under the edge of an extended insole board. The upper is then stitched close to the last and cemented to the sole.

Scent Dry (SD)

LaCrosse® Scent Dry is offered in a selection of the LaCrosse® footwear. It is a proprietary technology that provides both scent protection and 100% waterproof protection.

  1. 100% waterproof fabric lining that wraps the inside of the boot, allowing moisture to escape without letting water in.
  2. An antimicrobial treatment applied to both sides of the waterproof fabric lining fights odor-forming bacteria, keeping scent minimized.


The term used to describe shoes that have a polyurethane (PU) adhesive tape applied with pressure and heated along the seams to cover the stitch holes and edges for waterproofing.

  • Security Friendly
  • 100% Non-metallic


The shoe shank is a flat piece of material located above the outer sole at the waist (the waist is the narrow part of the shoe, located between the heel and toe and just underneath the arch) of the shoe to add support to the arch. Shanks can be made from wood, plastic, cork or steel.


The part of a boot between the inside seam where the instep and sole meet to the top of the boot.

Shaft Height

The measurement of the shaft of a boot. The shaft height measurement is made from the inside seam where the instep and sole meet, to the top of the boot.


The shock zone refers to a cushioning system where shoes are rated from 0-4 with 4 being a maximum level of cushioning.

Slip Resistant

Soles designed to provide a higher level of coefficient of friction with the walking surface to improve slip resistance.

Slip Resistant Outsole

A slip resistant outsole is made using a unique rubber compound that grips the floor surface. Special tread pattern disperses liquids away to provide superior sole-to-floor contact.

Slip/Oil Resisting

Slip Resisting and Oil Resisting footwear outsole and tread patterns are designed to help grip the floor surface while walking. The outsoles resist swelling when subjected to oily compounds.


The drag noticed when walking on a floor that results in safer footing.The amount of slip-resistance is usually measured at the sole or heel of a shoe on a floor.

Footwear that meets or exceeds the ASTM F2913-11 SATRA Testing Method TM144 Standard for slip resistance.

Smarkmask® Insole

Smartmask® technology is a custom blended polyurethane foam with millions of tiny air bubbles which cushion your every step while holding your foot in the correct anatomical position. It also features Agion®, an antimicrobial treatment which inhibits the growth of bacteria.

SmartWool® Lining

SmartWool® lining provides superior moisture, temperature and odor control.


The bottom part of the interior of a shoe, not including the heel.


The bottom part of the shoe, not including the heel.

Speed Lace System

Zero-Friction Speed Lacing System works by moving the laces from inside the shoes to the surface of the shoes. This method removes friction between the lacing and the shoes. It allows the shoes to go on and off with very little effort. It also changes the lace tension to be equal throughout the shoe which provides incredible support and comfort. Shoes are adjusted perfectly in seconds.

SPR Leather

SPR leather is tanned by three separate processes for extra strength and resistance. A leather offered on many Durango boots, it's been proven in tests to be three times stronger, two and a half times more abrasive resistant, and more acid and chemical resistant than conventional tanned leather.

Static Dissipating Rated (SD)

Shoes labeled SD meet or exceed the ASTM F2413, these shoes are designed to minimize the buildup of static electricity while maintaining high enough resistance to help protect against live electrical circuits.

Steel Toes

A reinforced toe frequently found in industrial-style shoes designed to protect the foot and prevent injury in the workplace. They maybe combined with a sole plate to protect against punctures from below, and tested by the American National Standard Institute to ensure a minimum clearance of the toe when compressed by different weights.

Stitchdown Construction

Stitchdown (or stitchout) construction is a construction method developed for footwear. In stitchdown construction, the upper is flanged out over the top of the outsole and the outsole is fastened to the upper by stitching through it. This type of construction provides added comfort and flexibility to the wearer.

Storm Welt

A storm welt is a band of leather sewn into the interface between the boot upper and the sole. It helps to keep water from getting into the area where the upper meets the sole and soaking into the footwear.

Strobel Construction

Strobel construction is a method of shoe and boot construction in which the insole is stitched to the upper along its perimeter, providing excellent stability and flexibility. Strobel shoe construction is different from regular shoe construction in which the upper and the insole are glued together.


A type of leather with a napped surface, but may also indicate fabrics of similar nap or brushed finish.

SuperFabric® Upper

SuperFabric® is a unique engineered textile that is a multi-dimensional system rather than a single material. SuperFabric® technology can be configured to yield a variety of performance properties that include a quick drying surface in addition to exceptional levels of resistance to abrasion, cuts, stains, water, and oils.

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Taibrelle Lining

Taibrelle is a 100% nylon product. Most often this material is used as an inner lining for many brands of shoes and boots. Taibrelle helps wick away moisture from the foot to help keep them dry and comfortable all day long.

Tailex Lining

Tailex linings are long-lasting comfortable, abrasion resistant and climate controlled. This technology is used in the Reebok military boots to rapidly adapt to a foot that's constantly in motion by helping prevent burdening blisters or other unwanted aches.


TechniFlex® provides superior comfort in a traditional welted work boot by allowing the boot to bend and flex in key areas of the foot and by significantly reducing the weight traditionally associated with welted footwear.

Terra Force®

Danner® TERRA FORCE® technology is offered on a selection of their footwear. It is noted as a cornerstone in their continually evolving technology design. Finding the unique balance between strength, stability and athletic performance, Danner® TERRA FORE® technology features five pristinely crafted components brought together using a unique combination of an extremely durable stitch construction in the forefoot and heel and a lightweight cement construction in the arch.

Terra Force® X

(TFX) technology is an evolution in the performance characteristics of Danner's patented TERRA FORCE® platform offered on a selection of their footwear. The overall X-frame design teams with the shank for unrivaled heel-to-toe energy transfer. The X-frame also provides additional traction and sheds additional weight.


A polyester fiber with the feel of cotton used primarily for its insulating properties.


A manmade microfiber created by 3M that traps insulating air to keep you warmer. It is non-bulky, lightweight, compact resistant and durable. Warmer than foam, felt or pile for the same thickness. It insulates under damp conditions absorbing less than 1% of its weight in water and dries quickly.

Toe Box

This is the term used to describe the portion of the shoe that holds the toes.


The strip of leather or other material found under the laces of a shoe. The tongue is sewn into the vamp and extends to the throat of the shoe.

Total Cushioning Technology™

Total Cushioning Technology™ provides five layers (1-1/2") of cushioning under the heel and three layers (1/2") under the forepart; deeper, total cushioning for amazing comfort and impact protection.


Theromplastic rubber (TPR) a plastic material used by many manufacturers in the injection molding process. It is used in the production of shoe soles and waterproof boot shells. Its unique structure makes it flexible yet extremely durable. It is also lighter weight than pure rubber or plastic alone.

TPU Heel Stabilizer

A plastic material that gives support through the midfoot or medial side of footwear. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is a high-performance polymer, combining the benefits of rubber and plastic.

Trident TR Outsole

The Trident TR Outsole is water and slip resistant, an outsole placed on some Wolverine® footwear.

Tumbled Leather

Tumbled leather is created with the use of small pebbles that gently abrade the leather, resulting in a very soft texture to the product.

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Ultra-Light are lightweight materials and construction designed with the safety toe cap.


The Ultra-Welt™ system works with the Gel-Cell Insert for more comfort all around. An extra Gel-Cell is inserted in a selection of Carolina's footwear. Carolina's Vitalize™ Insole, gives you

cushion in the ball of the foot. These two layers give you the ultimate in comfort.


The upper part of the shoe made from a piece of leather to form the part that encases the foot, but does not include the sole. Uppers come in a variety of styles, some made from leather, fabric or synthetics.

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The fore part of a shoe upper, normally a piece of leather that partially envelopes the foot and all of the toes.


Vibram® is an outsole that is flexible and provides great abrasion, chemical, heat, oil and slip resistance. This rubber sole, ensures that the boots are shock absorbing and hard-wearing. Aggressive, multi-directional grooved lugs provide exceptional traction on any terrain, in any conditions. The unique sidewall lugs provide multi-angle grip on inclines and uneven ground. The high-heat Vibram® compound provides lasting performance.

Vibram® ALPHA + Sole

Vibram® ALPHA + Sole has a shallow lug depth, it is a high-performance rubber compound that is heat and oil resistant.

Visible Gel System (VGS)

In a selection of the Thorogood footwear they offer their Visible Gel System which adds state-of-the-art cushioning to lightweight performance footwear. Absorbing shock with every step, the InterActive Cushioning System improves comfort and reduces repetitive impact stress where it's needed most – in the heel. The key is a unique VGS gel heel unit that won't deflate like an air bag and never loses cushioning power. It has been tested to withstand 300 foot pounds per square inch versus the standard 75 pounds of pressure resistance available in most competing footwear.


Vitalize™ comfort layers consist of a Vitalize™ Orthobed for shock absorption and climate control, and a Stability Board for firm protection on tough landings. This dual component system adds comfort and strength for your feet.


This is a method of rubber boot construction in which pliable rubber is permanently cured into a boot shape by heat setting in a high temperature oven.

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A combination of water resistant materials and construction which helps protect the foot from getting wet in an environment where excess water is present.

Waterproof Leather

Waterproof leather causes liquids to bead up and shed from the surface.

Waterproof Lining

Waterproof linings are a premium waterproof leathers that surround a water-impermeable lining to keep feet dry and deliver the best waterproof protection.

Waterproof Membrane

Waterproof membrane are premium waterproof leathers surrounded by a water-impermeable membrane to keep feet dry and deliver the best waterproof protection.

Waterproof Scubaliner™ Technology

Scubaliner™: Matterhorn's Exclusive Proprietary Waterproof Lining System which is offered on a selection of the Matterhorn footwear.

WCT II Comfort Insert

Poron XRD Reactive Defense insert absorbs 90% of strike impact, used in conjunction with an Airflow II comfort insert makes this the most protective and comfortable footwear in the marketplace.

Wedge Sole

A heel extended under the waist (the waist is the narrow part of the shoe, located between the heel and toe and just underneath the arch) to the fore part, giving a flat surface in contact with the ground.


A style of pull-on boots with no trim.


A strip of leather that is used to sew together the shoe's outsole and its insole and upper. The welt can be made to ‘stick-out' from the sole and further ornament the shoe.

Wide Area Wide Fit.

Built with a wider last and outsole platform.


Wingtop shoes are dress shoes with a unique perforated design on the toe cap and around the heel. The toe area of a wingtip shoe features a piece of material or a seam in the shape of the letter "W", with the ends of the "W" extending to the sides of the shoe like "wings".